Engineering Tasks Group, "ENTAG" is a solid waste treatment and disposal contracting company,

Egyptian company for solid waste recycling, "ECARU" is an integrated solid waste management company.

Both companies are active in the following areas:

"ENTAG" is devoted to the design, Manufacturing, Supplying, construction and erection of solid waste treatment and disposal facilities.

"ECARU" provides collection, transportation, processing all types of Biomass, processing approximately 500,000 ton / year of biomasses. "ECARU" produces various types of products such as Alternative solid fuels for the industrial sector, high quality Compost for Agricultural sector and Animal Feed.


"ECARU" is most innovative, experienced & specialized in MSW management (MRF, composting, Recycling, RDF Production and disposal facilities), upgrade, maintenance, equipment supply and technical support to provide integrated services for any projects. We are producing various types of products such as Organic Compost for Agricultural sector, we are currently receiving 500,000 ton of MSW on our MRF Projects, and we are currently processing the receiving quantities and produce 100.000 ton/year high quality RDF as an Alternative solid Fuel for Cement kilns.



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Design and construction of MRF ,...
ENTAG is specialized in the design and construction of solid waste sorting, treatment and produce...
Design and construction of...
ENTAG is specialized in the design and construction of Biomass treatment facilities..
Design and construction of...
Since 2004 ENTAG has designed and constructed seven (7) major landfill facilities in Egypt, Oman, Nigeria...
Design And Construction of An Engineered Sanitary Landfill In Khasab
Design Manufacture ,Supply,erection and construction of MSW sorting ,recycling and composting plant
Development of transfer station for Khartoum state.
Engineering, procurement and construction management of landfill.
The design, procurement, construction, operation and training of Tartos landfill facility
Design, supplying and construction of municipal solid waste sorting and recycling plant
Saudi Arabia
Design,Supplying equipments for construction transfer station
Technical support for operation, maintenance and quality control of compost resulted from municipal solid waste in Baidaa City - Libya
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