Available Jobs
  1.      do periodic maintenance of the equipment and machines and implementation of the maintenance plan.
  2.       Fixed crashes control panels and electrical circuits.
  3.      Buy electrical components with purchase department .
  4.      Extend and installation of main and sub cables in various sites.
  5.       Installation of cable trays .
  6.      Do periodic maintenance for the administrative building.
  7. Implementation of control panels according to engineering drawings.

1. Analysis of samples of organic fertilizers and the RDF for raw materials and products.
2. Commitment sampling and timing standards.
3. Carry out chemical tests to assist in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of products and raw materials
4. Compile and analyze the results of tests and analyzes.
5. Provide technical support and assistance to production engineers.
6. Do experiments and research to develop products or make new products if requested.
7. Documentation of all data and procedures carried out by established procedures.
8. Prepare required chemicals laboratory for experiments .
9. Carry out the calibration, maintenance and sterilization of instruments and laboratory equipment.
10. Technical report writing or preparing charts and graphs to document the results.

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