Digging up a new garbage dump at the Landfill Site in AL Saga area

ENTAG Engineering and Environmental Tasks LLC: ENTAG is a UAE company,

ENTAG Engineering and Environmental Tasks LLC has signed a contract with Sharjah City Municipality for Digging up a new garbage dump at the Landfill Site in AL Saga area for two cells (MSW and HSW) the duration of the project is 6 months.

Entag will provide the following services:

·         Provision, Procurement and implementation (installation) of cell lining system, anchor trench lining materials, leachate collection system, leachate transfer system, shredded tire layers and gas venting system.

  •          Shear box tests for soil and lining materials.
  •           All related lining tests
  •          Project Management including Project planning and performance determination, Method statements, HSE plans, Risk assessment plans, QC/QA plans, Communication plans, Procurement plans, Financial management, Resource plans and allocation and Construction supervision.
  • Landfill cell circular road including surface runoff trenches, All internal paths and Signage, Cells excavation & formation, Cells bottom grading, Cells bottom compaction, Cells slope formation, Embankment for anchorage trench, All Electrical work and Power Supply, Landscaping, Site clearing and site grading, Water and waste water network, Fire network, Site Verification (Surveying work and geotechnical investigation), All tests related to earth work, Supply and installation of Temporary facility and site accommodation and Mobilization of equipment, staff and portal cabinet and demobilization.
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