Supplying equipments for non-conventional feed production from agriculture residue.

Kalabsho (Dakahlia) – MitGaber (sharkeya) – Elzahaween (Kalubia) – Mahalazeyad( gharbeya)
50 ton / day.
April 2009 until present
Engineering Capabilities

The project will take advantage of the biomass, especially rice straw and turn them into new sources as fodder by raising the nutritional value of these biomassand the addition of some additives and treatment with natural enzymes that work in anaerobicconditions.

ENTAG is providing the following services:

-  design some of the units required to convert biomassto non-traditional feed.

-  Working inventory of equipment required to run the production line and import.

-   Assembly production- lines and installed.

Development necessary for the production units.

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